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Meet Allyce!

My story began as a little girl growing up along side my talented and driven Mom, running a busy Central MN floral shop. I have forever connected with flowers and their natural beauty.

I gained my "Can Do Attitude" and attention to detail from my Mom and my love for mechanical respects from my Dad.

I give my connection to visual creativity credit to both.

Flowers, simply put, bring JOY to people's lives!

Brides come to us because they want something unique, free flowing and absolutely beautiful. I take pride in creating a story with flowers for every event and space. Flowers can transform a room or venue into something romantic and beautiful!

I have always been a designer at heart and in 2014 I started offering wedding and event florals in Central PA professionally. 

In 2018 I began my career in the corporate world managing a team designing plant, floral & holiday replicas.  This inspired me to push to rename my business as Fleurish and open a storefront serving Johnstown, PA. 

I believe all aspects of floral design, travel, and teaching are extraordinarily rewarding! 


 I value taking care of our earth.  We try our best to minimize our carbon footprint on the environment by implementing, organic, local grown products all over the East Coast.  And we love to support our local growers as well as nationally recognized companies offering supplies that support this industry. 

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